NOVA Mobile Wireless Cart

Increase safety. Decrease costs.

  • 700,000 – 1 Million falls occur in U.S. hospitals each year.*

  • These falls add 6.3 days to the patient stay.**

  • Falls can cost the facility up to $14,000 per incident.**

Facility staffing and resources are stretched and tested when patients require 1:1 sitters, sometimes pulling valuable nursing staff from duties.

Nurse Observation and Virtual Assistant (NOVA) — end-to-end the most powerful patient monitoring solution — provides constant monitoring of multiple patients without the cost of 1:1 patient sitters, and allows staff to communicate with patients through both voice and audio displays, including translation into the patient's native language.

* The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
** Joint Commission (2015)

One System. Many Solutions.

NOVA Benefits:

  • Unified real-time communication and notifications with patients and staff

  • Measurable and customizable patient auditing tools and reporting

  • Reliable real-time monitoring for quick interpretation and health decisions

  • Improve staff workflow with a centralized system for communicating patient status

  • Seamless data integration across multiple clinical systems

  • Customizable design layout and user experience

  • Unparalleled image detail with high resolution video and audio, including night vision

  • Centralized video monitoring solution

NOVA Mobile Wall-Mount Solution

NOVA Solutions to Meet Your Hospital's Needs

Wachter Healthcare Solutions has developed five different NOVA devices that can be easily integrated in a healthcare facility. Each of these devices can meet the appropriate needs for patients in various wings of your hospital. With a Mobile Wireless Observation Cart or a Mobile Wired Observation Cart, nurses can easily wheel in this patient observation tool to monitor patients safely in their rooms.

Our NOVA solution can also be mounted to the wall, yet still be easily moveable so nurses can adjust placement. We have even developed a Fixed Room Solution so that a ceiling camera can monitor patients in need.

All of these devices allows NOVA to give your nursing staffs with reliable patient information, alert them when patients need immediate assistance, and improves patient satisfaction during their recovery at your healthcare facility.

NOVA provides unified real-time communication, improves staff workflow, has a seamless data integration for patient records, and give reliable real-time monitoring.