Achieving Patient Safety Goals with Portable Patient Monitoring Technology

Being able to achieve patient safety goals as a healthcare facility staff member is of utmost importance.

With the NOVA PWA 20L Portable Wall Asset, healthcare staff now have a complete virtual window into the patient’s condition and status. This powerful patient observation technology can be mounted to any room wall. This technology is portable, so moving throughout a patient’s room or into other patient rooms is convenient.

In addition to providing two-way audio communications, the PWA 20L Portable Wall Asset provides clear HD video to the virtual observation tech monitoring patients in your healthcare facility.

  • Reduce 1:1 patient sitters

  • Portable, wall-mounted patient monitoring technology

  • Decrease patient falls and injuries

  • Two-way audio communications, plus multi-language audio notifications

  • Enhance workflow efficiency

  • Secured connectivity when wireless or wired

PWA 20L NOVA Healthcare Solution for Patient Monitoring


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